I Used To Keep Journals

I used to finish journals. I am serious. This is not a lie, folks. I wrote to the very last page in the book, a feat that took years. But a feat I used to accomplish. Used to.

I keep meaning to fix this problem that I have. I honest-to-goodness feel it’s important for me to write things down in a journal. They would be things that aren’t blog worthy. In other words, they have meaning to ME, but not necessarily to the INTERNET. Or they are things that I would consider nearing sacred so I wouldn’t just throw them out into the blog world for comment.

But despite all of my thinking about it, I haven’t done it. Why is it so hard to journal again? Do you journal? Did you used to? Why did you stop or what keeps you going? Did you ever finish an entire journal?


  1. I’m in the same boat. I finished 4 journals cover to cover between Sr year of high school and my mission. I fell out of the habit as a missionary — ironic since mission journals are often the only journals some people have. I was always so tired though, my mission entries are sparce and light weight. Never picked up the habit again once I got home.


  2. I used to journal in books too. Then after the mission, I realized I wasn’t journaling again, and decided I would be better at it if I could type (it’s much faster). I’ve also found it convenient to be able to search for a word to find sections faster and I can cut and paste if I needed to use a section for an email to a friend, etc.). I’m not great at it now (write a few times a year), but I have a running word document journal that has served me well.


  3. I have a whole box of journals that I have filled up starting before I could write. I would dictate and my mom would write for me. Ever since then I have kept a journal and think that I have about 10 finished journals in storage and am nearing completion of another one. My journal now is made up of mostly private/sacred events. Or learning experiences that are just not appropriate for all the internet world to read. I keep it out on my nightstand so I see it and think about it more often and remember to record things I otherwise would not have.


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