Mind Over Mattress Willpower

I started to write a blog entry about willpower because it was discussed in the current audiobook I’m listening to: The Happiness Advantage. Anything that requires willpower—sitting still in a meeting, not eating too much sugar, doing chores at home—all comes from the same store. So for me, I think that I use up all of my willpower on any given work day just to get out of bed.

I made a list of items that require my willpower and then I looked over the list and thought, “This is a negative blog.” I don’t feel negative or unhappy so I don’t want to post negativity.

Instead, I’ll tell you that I really enjoyed taking a short break at work today to go to the abs and core class. Both for the workout and also for the chance to catch up with Rebecca, the coordinator of our wellness center who taught the class. Getting a little exercise and a quick social break was just the happiness boost I needed to get ready for afternoon meetings where there was lots of sitting still.

Now, I’m going home. This requires zero willpower. Yes!

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