Looking At The Stars

Stars are my favorite things about getting away from the city, whether it’s from a drive up the canyon, out camping, or staying at my parents’ cabin. Every single time, I am amazed by how many stars are up there.

Joanna was my young women’s camp director back in the day. She was an expert on the constellations and I loved it. Becca and I could point out two dozen constellations by the time we were Laurels, thanks to Joanna. I wish I still remembered them all. But I still remember some. Especially my favorite: Draco.

I remember driving home from Kansas with Shanny, back when we were maybe 20, and pulling over for the stars. It was a long drive home and we were so close: cruising around the twists and turns of Highway 6 after passing Price, UT sometime after dark. We opened the moon roof on the Volvo and could see at least a hundred stars through it. I kept looking up. Turns out, that’s not safe when I’m driving. And Highway 6 is such a safe road. Or one of the most dangerous in America.

So in order for both Shanny and I to continue living, I pulled over in an area where there was a very large shoulder.

We both got out of the car and stared up at the stars. Semis barreled past on the highway, about 50 feet away, and their headlights were annoying. But I could see Cygnus the Swan flying across the Milky Way. Stars everywhere.

Eventually, we got back in the car when our necks started to hurt and drove safely home.

One of these days, I’m going to relearn the constellations that I have forgotten. And learn even more.

When was the last time that you looked up at the stars? Could you see very many or were the city lights an obstruction? Was it cloudy or clear? Can you find constellations or just the Big Dipper?

And if there was one new star in the sky would you notice?

Even if it was a bright star? Maybe just a bit brighter than Jupiter?

Just one new star.

Who would notice?

And who would follow it?

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