Saving Halloween

This is the first year that I didn’t dress up for Halloween. In all of my years. Sigh.

Anyway, it was a relaxing Halloween where we watched a frustrating Monday Night Football game… frustrating because Philip Rivers is on my fantasy team and just doesn’t deliver. Boo to him.

During halftime of the game, we went over to my parents to borrow one of their cars (Nathan’s car is in the shop, sad panda). On the drive over, I remembered how on Halloween, you throw all of your cautions out the window. Little girls dress in scandalous outfits, kids throw eggs at houses that don’t have candy, and they all just wander out in the street without looking for traffic—wearing black costumes.

We pulled into my parents’ driveway and I noticed a rather large group yelling “trick or treat” at Rosemary’s home next door.

They seemed rambunctious, even the couple of parents that were with them.

We walked up to my parents’ front door.

Nathan knocked, yelling “Trick or Treat” and Mom answered. But she looked… confused. She was looking around on the porch.

“Hey, where’s my witch basket?”

Every year, my parents fill this black wicker basket with candy and leave it on the front porch because they’re not usually home. It has a stuffed witch attached to the handle with these bright orange arms. They’ve put it out for years and sometimes they have candy left at the end of the night, and sometimes a kid takes it all early in the evening.

Well, this year, apparently, all of the candy AND the basket were taken.

We looked around the yard briefly and then I went walking after that group that had been pestering Rosemary for candy.

By this time, they were around the corner just leaving the Neuffer’s home. As I walked towards their group, I noticed the bright orange arms of our witch.

And a mom was holding our basket.

Seriously. THE MOM.

I went and got it back, but first, she whipped away, grabbed her son’s pillowcase and dumped all of the candy in. Then she handed the basket to him and he gave it back to me, apologizing.

Back to home, I gave Mom her witch basket back and she found some Twizzlers to give to some cute little kids who showed up a few minutes later, apologizing that our “good” candy was stolen.

Then we turned off all of the lights and left for the night.

I hope my parents didn’t get egged for not having candy anymore.


  1. yeah…!!!! spllttttt–tooh–ie to you!!
    (fortunately no eggs, but it does feel creepy to turn off all the lights & hide out in the basement…..bah! boobug!)


  2. What?! The mom thought she could just take the basket?
    Did she offer any sort of explanation on that one? Because last time I checked that sort of thing was generally frowned upon. Crazy lady.


  3. Yes, It’s all changed so much & it’s kind of sad to me. I was reminiscing with Dustin (clancy’s) about how much fun it was to run carefree through the night in a great costume & gather candy. It was a great feeling of freedom with all the “forbidden” fruit of lots and lots of candy. It’s changed a lot! Trunk or treat is just not the same…. I’m glad you got the witch basket back for your mom! good on ya!


  4. good job Lauren – people are crazy these days. I put my basket full of candy out and left my light on but no one came by – so it just depends on where you live.


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