A Few Blessings I Thought Of Today

So the boss’s boss started out the day with a frustrating mandate about our work schedules. It definitely left a bit of a grey cloud over people here at work. But, hey, we’re still here at work, getting paid to slave away at developing whatever software our company needs.

BECAUSE of the grey feeling around here, I had to try and count my blessings to keep a smile between my cheeks. Here are just a few of the things on that list today:

  1. I have a job with a good boss working for a company that is in the business of helping people be healthier.
  2. I went for a walk at lunch today with some coworkers up to Red Butte Gardens. It was a little chilly in the wind, but once we started walking up hill, it felt warm.
  3. Nice, new tires on Lil Can (my SUV)… bring on the snow. Wait. After autumn, then, go ahead. Bring on the snow.
  4. And in 1967, interracial marriages became legal in the United States.

Can you believe that it hasn’t even been that long? Man, am I glad that this changed so that Nathan’s parents could marry, have him and I could then marry him. I know, totally selfish, but today and pretty much every day, that is the BEST reason to smile on my list.

In the end, we’re all family.

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