Hip Hip Pooray It’s October

I heart October.

Autumn is my favorite season and I’m pretty sure that I mention this in some way every year on my enthralling blog. Are you used to it?

How about if we take the time to celebrate lots of things that make you happy this month? Personally, I think this is a GREAT plan and since this is my blog, it’s what we’ll do.

We started off with a little mention of LDS General Conference. That’s one thing that makes me happy.

And I promise this won’t just be a month long tribute to Nathan. Unless he REALLY REALLY wants it to be and then I will happily oblige.

It could be a month long tribute to ME because it’s my birthday month. Happy birthday to me.

But to start, let’s go with my Mom today because it’s also her birthday month. Hooray Mom! And here’s a great picture of her doing something she does best… or hardly ever… or I don’t even know the last time Mom went golfing but Dad sent me this picture today so there! Proof!

And doesn’t her pose/face/energy just make you happy? Yay, me too.

Happy October!

What makes you happy this month?

4 thoughts on “Hip Hip Pooray It’s October

  1. I love that in oct down here it actually dips below 70 degrees at night and there are multiple days below 100. Utah is almost perfect in oct though. I miss it.


  2. Your mom makes me happy. Elder Maxwell taught that over the years, affection is amplified by admiration. TRUE! As a “side” note, a careful look at the photo and you will see that mom’s shadow looks like dad holding the club. We try hard to be both ONE and individually UNIQUE. Happiness is being different, together.


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