A Short Thought From Conference Weekend: A Nugget, If You Will

A few months ago, I spent an hour or two trying to find a talk or article on LDS.org covering one person in particular: Abish. Do you know her story? (It’s in Alma 19.)

I found a few things here and there, but I didn’t find anything new. I already understood, from reading the scriptures, that she had basically practiced her faith in years until Ammon showed up on the doorstep of her king and queen as a missionary. Impressive right there, right? That she learned from her Dad about the gospel and held on to that quietly for years and years. But I was hoping for more.

That’s why, when my Dad asked us on Sunday to share ONE thing we learned from Conference Weekend, I picked something from Sister Dalton’s talk.

Did you catch her reference to Abish’s story?

Here’s what Sister Dalton mentioned that I hadn’t ever heard before:

Because of Abish’s testimony, which she learned from her father, the women who would later become the mothers of the strippling warriors would be converted.

Am I the only one that thinks that’s awesome?


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