GRE Vocabulary Words: Do You Know These 6?

Somebody I know (and love) will be taking the GRE in only so many weeks. You’re totally jealous aren’t you? I mean, who wouldn’t want to pay that kind of money to take a test that takes hours and determines the future of your schooling? I wish I could do it AGAIN.

In honor of this, I thought I’d share some of the vocabulary words that are often found on GRE vocab lists. Can you pick one of these and make a sentence with the word?


She wanted to write a book with a nefarious plot, but all of the ideas she came up with were ambiguous, making them pointless and boring, until she ended up with a main character who was so taciturn he wouldn’t carry any of the dialogue even though she stuck him in a car on a hapless journey to the dump and in the end, he was filled with antipathy because of the noisome odor that followed him home.

Wow that sentence really flowed.

I would read that book. It’s probably just a short story though.

3 thoughts on “GRE Vocabulary Words: Do You Know These 6?

  1. Here let me try:

    I like the word hapless.
    I like the word ambiguous.
    I like the word taciturn.
    I like the word nefarious.
    I do not like the word antipathy.
    I sort of like the word noisome.

    Ya, those are some pretty sweet sentences. You’re jealous.


  2. it was a dark & stormy night….and the hapless gentleman had become confused by the ambiguous street signs. A typical man, taciturn by nature, he had refused to ask directions, due to the absolute antipathy he held for such an act. Hapless is the description, as now he had fallen into the clutchess of a noisome and even more frightening, nefaroius neighborhood–filled with those of humankind that have no regard for their fellow man: his possessions, his delicate olefactory senses or his need to be home in time for dinner. Boy! Hope our gentleman has incredible negotiating skills so he can extricate himself from his current predicament!!


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