Nothing Like Burglaries To Bring The Neighborhood Together

Monday night, we went swimming at the DeLaMare’s.

They used to be our next door neighbors growing up. And they were some of the best neighbors.

One example: after a wind storm blew over the old fence in between our backyards, we all rebuilt a new one together. The new fence included a door so that we could easily get into each others’ yards. They liked us THAT much. Wow. They were great neighbors. Now they live up in Bountiful and we have swimming parties at their place. Still great neighbors.

They’re the kind of people that remind you of the goodness of mankind.

At the end of the swimming party, I was sitting in a chair by the pool and I got a text. It was from Jill-Ann, our neighbor in our little complex we live in now. It was bad news.

Four more break-ins.

Four MORE.

Yeah, that means we already had some: two break-ins last Saturday. Four more on Monday.

What happened to the goodness of mankind?

Our home is still safe, last I checked.

I’m signing Pogi up for attack-cat classes.



  1. geez…that is scary. the optimist in me wants to believe that they’re all drug related. Hopefully there are just a lot of dealers that live in your apartments, otherwise this theory may not hold water. And also, I hope no robbers mistake the two of you for dealers. Just in case, those cat attack classes do seem like a prudent measure.


  2. Unified Police are looking for this man:

    Hm. Sorry. Not funny. Well, kinda funny. I hope you and your home are safe. If not, you can come up the street and camp in my back yard.


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