Three Cheers For Grandmas

My 93-year old grandma was the victim of a hit and run last Friday. I called my Dad last night to get an update on how she was recovering and in his words, “She is one tough cookie.” I want to be a tough cookie when I’m 93-years old, too.

My Dad gave me a blessing when I was a baby and one of the things that he said in it was that I could look to my grandmothers as examples. Lucky me to have them both around, to grow up with their influence, and to still leave nearby.

I want to be like my grandmas when I grow up:

  • Be a tough cookie
  • Be able to finish the Sunday NYTimes crossword (will that even still be around by then?)
  • Golf… and get a hole in one!
  • Garden
  • Work in the temple
  • Have good music around
  • Laugh
  • Be sarcastic with the ER doc
  • Travel
  • Read voraciously
  • Read my granddaughter’s blog
  • Live


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