Ah, Vacation!

I may not get an entire summer vacation like Mr. Nathan does, but my company did pay me to take a good eight days of vacation. Yeah, that’s right.

Eight. Whole. Days.

I can’t believe they stayed in business without me for so long.

They managed.

As previously mentioned, Nathan survived and I enjoyed the annual Campbell family vacation. Superb.

Then, we decided to put a cherry on top of our vacation sundae by throwing in a jaunt to San Diego after that.

With a little help from the school district (who paid for Nathan’s flight, a few days at a hotel, and some training to keep Nathan busy for a few days), and some deal hunting on Priceline.com, we hit up SoCal for some sun, wind, and the zoo!

The best part of the trip: it was a tie between watching the jaguar eat his lunch and watching the squirrel monkeys chase each other around… both at the San Diego zoo.

The worst part of the trip: getting a big lump of tar on my foot at Trestle Beach. It was tacky, stinky and stuck  around like an obnoxious coworker who keeps talking and talking, not picking up on hints that you’re busy until you finally get up and walk to the bathroom. When we finally got back to the hotel bathroom, I could scrape the tar off my foot and hand… sort of.

We ate at some great restaurants (including Anthony’s just for you, Grumma!), stayed at two nice hotels, biked on some cruisers to the beach, and managed to put up with the traffic for several days.

Here are some pics for ya (as proof that we had the camera for THIS vacation). Do enjoy, eh?

Lunchtime for the jaguar; watch out for the mighty spray range of the lion; happy sleeping hippos!


This guy’s outfit, PLUS the fan combo, was classic... we saw him at the zoo. Eating at Anthony’s where you must drink with your pinky up.


  1. ahh hippos. That makes sense. Before I read your caption I was thinking that those manatees sure looked strange. Looks like a pretty dreamy trip. And the man with the fan sure is a glorious and mysterious figure. You were right to get a picture even though I’m sure Nathan will be haunted by jealousy forever now. Who could compete with that guy? no one.


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