Just Over a Year Now

Nathan and I just celebrated our one-year anniversary since our first date. To be honest, I didn’t even think about its passing until today, five days later. It’s similar to the five-day span it took me to call him back to set up that blind date. And this time, I was distracted by soccer, just like last time.

So let’s pretend that both Nathan and I realized last week that we had hit that precious year-of-knowing-each-other mark and decided to spend the weekend celebrating. We did a fabulous job.

It started out with some golf.

Of course it did. We are both AVID golfers.

I mean, I think I’ve figured it out. As long as I “aim” way off to the left when I tee off, then I can hit it straight. Clearly, I was born with a gift for this sport.

And Nathan has oodles of experience (if oodles equates to a couple of visits to the driving range and one round of nine played with Opa last week).

I mean, with this kind of golf prowess in ONE family, it’s amazing we don’t walk around 24-7 in plaid knickers and polo shirts with our knit socks proudly pulled up over our shins. The perfect picture of golf legends.

After we successfully hit all of the golf balls at the driving range, we drove home.

“What should we do next to celebrate our anniversary?”

“I don’t know. What do you want to do?”

“Whatever you want to do.”

Eventually, we made another decision and we drove to the gym for some intense basketball games of PIG.

The first round went fairly quickly. SOMEBODY figured out that their opponent would often misjudge distances when shooting from the baseline.

So… the second round started with stipulations: trick shots only. This game went on and on. At different times, muscle heads from the weight room would stare through the doors to watch our INTENSE competition.

“Okay, this one I’m going to bounce from the 3-point line and try to get it in the basket.” BAM, off of the floor, up into the air, and… nothing. Air ball.

I should have just dunked it from the freethrow line and called it a game, but last I checked, I was pretty white and didn’t have those kinds of hops.

We finished up the basketball outing with a little one-on-one where we both wondered when we had gotten old and found it hard to run around for lengthy periods of time. Huffing and puffing, we called it a night and went to wash our hands.

On to the dinner portion of the celebrations!

I pulled out my phone and looked on Yelp for suggestions. If only that little app had a decent search based on characteristics of the restaurant, I would have asked for: 1. Amazing food; 2. Cheap price; 3. Lets us eat in their establishment in sweaty post-basketball clothes. And the application would have returned with the restaurant that we found: CousCous. We had some delicious Mediterranean food and washed it down with some Powerade they had on tap from the soda fountain.

Do you know what’s nice about having a little app like that on your phone? You can make the application decide things for you so nobody has to say, “Whatever you want to do.” Instead, you can just go, “Oh, here’s the closest restaurant to us with good ratings. Let’s go.”

To finish our lovely Friday night celebrations, we walked over to Arctic Circle for some shakes which we ate out on a little triangle of grass in the parking lot of the Salt Lake Wound Clinic, under a full moon.

That, my friends, is romance at its best.

And that was just our Friday night full of celebratory events!

On to Saturday, which will probably be a brief summary due to the lengthiness of my rambling already.

The morning started off with blueberry pancakes, watering the plants on the porch (and Mama Q Potts, our resident quail sitting on 14 eggs she laid in our hanging flower pot), and getting sunscreened up for the water park.

OF COURSE WE WOULD CELEBRATE OUR ANNIVERSARY BY GOING TO RAGING WATERS. That was an obvious decision. We didn’t even use an app on the phone to decide that one. Wow.

At the water park, we rented a double tube, found ourselves a spot of lawn to leave our towels, then started climbing the stairs to the top of one of the waterslides. First slide of the day! Nathan suggests that I sit in front and away we go, twisting, tipping, shooting straight down towards the pool at the end and BAM. This time around, the BAM was not the sound of a basketball bouncing off of the floor. This time, it was Nathan’s nose making contact with my shoulder.

“Are you okay?”


“No you’re not, you’re bleeding.”


“Hurry, get out of the water.”

We didn’t want to attract sharks, apparently.

So you see, we had a fabulous day at Raging Waters! We’re already planning our next trip back.

After the water park, we were tempted to go golfing, but we decided instead to call it a day and off I went to the bridal shower of one of my good friends.

I know, you would think all of our one-year anniversaries would involve the two of us together, but you see, being separated, even for the brief few hours I spent at a shower, just made us miss each other more.

Luckily, Nathan survived the wait and I eventually came home.

Hooray for one fabulous year so far.



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