Thoughts Right THIS Second

  1. My jaw hurts. I need to learn to relax it. It gives me a headache a couple of times a week. But really, that just means that I’m giving myself a headache… since my jaw is me and I am my jaw.
  2. I keep looking at the clock. It doesn’t help time move faster at all. It’s probably because I don’t want to be sitting at my desk any longer. I guess I’ll stand at my desk instead.
  3. I feel like today was productive. One of my meetings almost stuck to the agenda and we didn’t go over. There was much rejoicing.
  4. Nathan asked me if I had thoughts on where to go to get pizza. I suggested the Pizza Factory that’s across the street from us. Pizza’s nothing fancy, but it’s nice and close. I’ll likely order a cinnamon sugar breadstick. Mmm.
  5. I’m getting hungry. Hungry for a breadstick… coated in sugary goodness.
  6. I looked at the clock again.
  7. One of the meeting invites I sent out today just came back rejected. The guy says he’ll be out of the office. Fine. Then mark your calendar as out of the office. It’s not that hard. Some people’s children.
  8. I think that the word, travesty, is a good word.

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