Celebrate Summer – Eat A Cupcake

What did you do today to celebrate the first day of summer? And does it feel like summer?

It feels like summer in my office where our thermostat reads 78.3 degrees. No. Joke.


I took a short break for lunch to go sit on the grass and read a few chapters in my book. And then this afternoon, Kellie and I took a walk around research park until we found the Cupcake Truck. She bought a carrot cake cupcake and reported back that it was “awesome!” I bought a red velvet cake. Mmmmm.

I wish I had some milk right now.


2 thoughts on “Celebrate Summer – Eat A Cupcake

  1. Yes, yes it feels like summer. I think I saw the thermometer reach 107 today 🙂 We celebrated by hanging out in the backyard for about 3 hours – ok, no the kids did that, playing with water and the sandbox. I probably was only out there for 45 mins or so. Nonetheless, you Utahns have had some strange, cold, wet weather up there. We continue to literally burn up down here w/ fires, no precip and 100+ degree weather each day. Can’t say I even noticed it was the first day of summer.


  2. You know what is amazing to me? We would keep our thermostat set to 78 when we lived in St George, because that was my threshold. Bump it up to 79 and I was a sweaty, wilted mess. But 78? Rather pleasant. How can one little degree make such a difference?

    Mmmm. . . cupcakes. . . .


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