Larrie’s Insulated Life

One of the books I’m reading is a memoire by a food critic: Tender at the Bone. Ruth Reichl is an interesting writer, tells her personal stories well AND those stories are interesting. Well I read one of the shorter chapters for a work break today. Reichl introduced a black roommate she had during the Vietnam War and Civil Rights. She didn’t actually give much detail about all that they did, but made note that they drove a van from Michigan to San Francisco and weren’t considered real hippies because they didn’t do acid.

Anyway, the reason I mention this is because it got me to thinking about my life.

I find it really interesting to read personal accounts of people who lived through historical events.

But I never think of my own life as full of personal accounts taking place in what will one day be historical events. Do you?

Maybe one day, somebody will think it’s interesting to know that I was working at United Way the morning of September 11th and a few weeks later joined the millions of people who donated blood. Or perhaps I do have an interesting personal account of how I wrote in my own candidate for the presidential election when the first black president was voted into office.

Maybe it will be interesting to somebody to hear that I went to BYU and lived the honor code there instead of partying at another college.

Or that I married a man who has Latino heritage during a time period when “illegals” are a big political debate.

Or maybe my life is just a bit too mundane because we’re insulated living in Salt Lake, living in Provo, living in Pennsylvania for one brief summer selling books to Mennonites, then settling back down in Salt Lake.

If you take a peek at what I did this weekend, it seems like I’m insulated from the current turmoil in the world.

Nathan and I had Kasey and Jim over for dinner and we enjoyed some amazing ribs. We can afford to put good food on the table and share it with good friends.

I played soccer on Saturday on a nice soccer field, in a league I paid a bit too much for, and with lovely weather.

I went to a bridal shower for my good friend who will be getting married in a few weeks to a great guy that treats her equally.

I stopped by the store on the way home to pick up some Father’s Day gifts for the great guy that I married who treats me equally (or even better than I deserve).

I got home to find that fabulous husband cleaning the kitchen after he’d already finished scrubbing down the bathroom. (See how I’m treated better than I deserve?)

We made a salad to take to my cousin’s home for a dinner party where we ate tons of food and spent the evening listening to the tales of lots of lawyers who must make way more money than we do J

Got up and went to church on Sunday just a short block away, somewhere that we worship freely and have an opportunity to serve our community as well. And then the cute Primary kids colored and decorated bags of cookies for the Dads so Nathan got some just for being a man!

Sunday afternoon nap: bliss!

Dinner at the parents to celebrate Father’s Day as well as the June birthdays: lots of presents and we even all get along. Amazing.

See what I mean? My life is really insulated. It’s hard to come up with interesting blog entries because when life is all hunky-dory and the blog plot doesn’t include some sort of protagonist or drama, how’s that fascinating? Sigh.


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  1. We are so blessed to live in a country where you live an ‘ordinary life’ there are millions on this planet who would give their lives to be so blessed. Enjoy every minute. Love you, Laurin


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