Today Is A Good Day

I wrote a nice little blog entry about the movie that Nathan and I went to last night—X-Men: First Class. I made a list of how it portrays women and blacks, and then noted that it was a decent action-adventure movie despite that.

Then I decided not to post it.

It was too much of a rant about racism and sexism. And I just didn’t think you’d really want to read something that seemed rather upset.

It’s too nice outside to post blog entries like that.

So instead, here’s a nice little list of a few things that make me happy today:

  • Nathan’s now getting over his 2nd pneumonia infection (yay for health)
  • We have nice weather today, finally
  • I had a meeting canceled
  • I get to play soccer tonight and run around
  • It’s getting closer and closer to little brother, James’s return from his LDS mission
  • I can sleep in a little on Saturday
  • I have a new work schedule where I only work every other Friday
  • I married my best friend
  • He likes the cat



  1. You’ve sold me. I’m gonna go see that movie as soon as possible. and geez…poor nathan. I didn’t even know that he got pneumonia again. Now is an excellent time to get better though since it seems to be pretty dreamy outside all the time.


    1. let me know what YOU think of that movie… and if nathan ever stops having pneumonia, we need to come and visit the family of locke some more


  2. ummmmmm……I would have loved to read your racism/sexism blog post. It is ok to have mad at the world post every once in awhile. I do it. Glad Nate is getting better. Hopefully 100% soon. I am liking your list.


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