A Loverly Mother’s Day Weekend

Earlier in the week, Nathan asked me when I would like to celebrate Mother’s Day. I was surprised. I wasn’t a Mom yet. I just figured that we’d have a busy weekend and then go over to my parents’ for dinner Sunday night and finish the evening with talking to James on the phone (missionary Mother’s Day call).

But lucky me, Nathan wanted to make me a fancy dinner to celebrate. And I’m serious about fancy. Here are pictures to prove it. Be jealous.

It was a pretty fabulous weekend, despite the rain clouds rolling in on Sunday. A few highlights:

  • We ended up on a spur-of-the-moment outing Friday night to the batting cages with the Childs (favorites) and Allyson. Most of us took a shot at trying to hit one of the fast-pitch softballs, but it was malfunctioning and would throw the ball at your ankles every 7th or 8th pitch. Stepping up to try and hit those, you were practically taking your life into your own hands. And that didn’t seem like such a good thing because your hands were occupied with gripping the bat. Dangerous stuff. We survived the batting cages.
  • After the Saturday-morning soccer game, Nathan, Maren, Dustin and I decided that we needed to try out one of the local breakfast joints in Kaysvill that boasted “scones the size of your head.” I ordered the “German toast” and they brought me French toast that was also dipped in pancake batter. Mmmmm. We all ate head-sized scones as well. Delicious and oh so healthy. Thankfully, nobody died of a clogged artery on the drive home.
  • Saturday afternoon we played an aggressive game of Frisbee golf. And by aggressive I mean really casual. I am no bueno at that game, but being outside at the park, enjoying the sun, searching for wherever I threw my Frisbee in the trees, and having a good time with Aaron and Ada was muy bueno. Treats at Arctic Circle after made for a good cherry on top of the afternoon.
  • Nathan’s dinner that night was 26 times more delicious than the noggin’-size scones. Mmmmm mmm mmm mmmmm mmm.
  • And of course Sunday we celebrated our Moms. Moms are the best. My favorite part of dinner at my parents was when Mom had a giggling fit while washing dishes when she started rambling on about opening the pantry and sending us home with food. I know, doesn’t seem so funny, right, but believe me… Nathan and I were laughing, mostly with her.
  • Nathan also got to call his Mom on the phone. There was chaos in the living room with siblings, nieces and nephews, so he escaped to one of the upstairs bedrooms where, once I found him, I curled up with him on the bed to listen to his side of their conversation.

All around, can’t complain about the weekend, despite the rain staying around for a couple of days. Yay for Moms.

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