Episode 79: 15 Seconds To Save A Tree

There are six garbage cans in our office. Two for each of us (which means, for all you people out there that struggle with math, there are three of us sharing our office): one black one for garbage and one blue one for recycling. The recycling cans have stickers on them to tell us what can be recycled: yes to plastic bottles, but no to the lids. It’s one of the ways that our company tries to be “green.”

I recently heard from a reliable source about a company that had the recycling cans for their employees as well. At the end of the day, though, it all went into the same can.

I haven’t followed the cleaning crew to see where OUR recycling ends up.

When I was in elementary school, I had a debate teacher that was going to teach us all how to save the world. I went home and told my Dad he needed to recycle. I even suggested that he should pray about it. I was very serious.

Today, I have zero recycling cans in my home. I know. I’m terrible. But we only have a big dumpster in the parking lot for garbage, no recycling dumpster. So if I tried to recycle, I’d have to take it to my parents or to work. I get too much junk mail to drag that with me to work each week.

We received a company-wide email the other week. It was pleading with all employees that go to the bathroom at work. It begged folks to use the hand dryers instead of paper towels. “It only takes 15 seconds to save a tree.” You mean to tell me that when I use one of those scratchy paper towels, I kill a tree? We are not very efficient with our trees then.

Also, have you actually used those high-speed dryers? They’re so loud that I lose my hearing for a good 26 seconds after using them and then have to deal with a ringing in my ears for the next several hours. They need to give us noise-reducing headphones in order to use those safely.

Saving trees is dangerous stuff.


  1. I am trying not to recycle so much so that I can save the water that would be used in voluminous amounts to recycle the recycled products. I feel for the water droplets too. I did plant six trees in my yard since moving in 26 years ago. And my favorite thing to carry groceries home in is a paper bag (though there are not too many puppets around….too much advertisement on the bags).


  2. And, let’s face it, you need the paper towel to open the door when you are leaving because we all know not every washes their hands after using the facilities 🙂


  3. I suppose the very greenest thing would be those thin blue towels that they rolled up in dispensers back when we were in grade school (or at least when I was in grade school). You’d really have to be confident in everyone’s ability to wash their own hands so as to not constantly slather germs all over the towel…perhaps that’s why they did away with that one.


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