There’s No Such Thing As Suck

This weekend, Nathan and I went birthday party hopping: four birthdays in one day. We are party animals.

They were parties for nieces and nephews: Locke, Abe, Claire and Kate. Thankfully, Abe, Claire and Kate were all in one location at the same time so that made it a little easier to make it to the Happy Birthday singing for all four kids.

We went to Locke’s first and it was at sister-in-law Laura’s parents’ home. I hadn’t met her family so there were introductions all around and I remembered at least half of the names. At times, it was a little confusing because her Mom went by Aunt Cupcake while the dog’s name was Katie. But really, I’m just not the best at remembering names anymore.

At one point, Aunt Cupcake’s sister came into the kitchen and introduced herself to us. She looked familiar, but I just figured she looked similar to somebody I already knew (first thought was perhaps my friend Shannon’s mom who had similar hair). At one point of the introductory conversation, Nathan and I both asked her simultaneously: “What did you teach?”

Her response: “Science.”

So of course, I replied with, “Is your last name White?”


“And did you teach at Clayton?”

“I did.”

And there you have it: I ate dinner on Sunday with my 8th grade Physical Science teacher.

I remember at one point back in my junior high days, Mrs. White really tried to drill home the fact that “suck” didn’t exist. She didn’t want that word in our vocabulary. I can’t remember for sure what we were supposed to use instead. Do you (this question is directed at my other friends who went to Clayton with me and yes, still are my friends and we read each others’ blogs)?

My best guess was that we were supposed to instead say exhale and inhale. No sucking allowed. There’s no such thing as suck.

We also made silly putty in that class to learn about polymerization (or something) and we made rockets.

When we the last time you ran into one of your old teachers?


  1. No idea what we were supposed to say instead. My memories of Mrs. White involve the rockets, and recycling. More specifically, distracting her into talking about recycling. That’s awesome that you ate dinner with her!


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