Episode 77: Mmmm, Bug Fest

What would YOU think if somebody gave you a full, brown paper bag that was labeled “bug fest”?

Seriously. What would be your initial reaction?

Mmmm, bug fest.

What’s in this bag?

Debbie brought us all bug-fest labeled bags the other day. We were going to celebrate our bug festival and we needed some treats to help us. When was the last time you had a bug festival?

My mind went off on a tangent (imagine that) and I remembered the fabulous, old song by Summer Magic called “The Ugly Bug Ball.” Maren put it on a mixed CD she made back in the days of Napster and Morpheus. Well done, Maren.

Enjoy it in all its ugly bugness right here, thanks to a little You Tube action.

Back to the Bug Fest at work, we didn’t have any creepy crawly insects running around. And the treats were just yummy, normal, people treats: apple juice, orange juice, an apple, an orange, microwave popcorn, and a Reeses’ PB egg. Bug fest treats are the best! Thanks Debbie.

We ate them while we tested the software our team is developing. And we pretended to celebrate when we found bugs in the software. In the end, our bosses were proud of our team effort to create the “Mary Poppins” software release: practically perfect in every way.

Wish you could have been a part of our bug fest?

One comment

  1. My initial reaction was to think of this TV show I watched several months ago about “exotic foods”, where the host visited this guy that is trying to get bugs back into the mainstream U.S. diet and makes all these intricate appetizers, desserts, etc out of all kinds of bugs. I am an adventurous eater but not sure I would do more than just try them…


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