Can’t Leave Home Without It

Enter the caption contest now! It’s so exciting isn’t it? If you need the rules for this sometimes-weekly contest, click here: Caption Contest Rules Shmules.

Last Contest’s Winner: Kaakun. Give it up for the friend who used to keep me in touch with my old roommates. Apparently, it was too difficult for us to actually email/IM/call each other once we lived in different states, but Kaakun would keep us updated on each others’ lives and even plan trips where we’d meet up with him in his locale. So, how are my old roommates doing? I suppose I could look them up on Facebook myself…


4 thoughts on “Can’t Leave Home Without It

  1. “Thank you for playing ‘Operation: Live Edition’! Tell her what she won, Johnny!”
    “An old car! This one-toy-rocking-horsepower beauty is perfect for a *canter* along any scenic route with your *stud*! *Harness* the *unbridled* excitement of adventure and the wind through your hair as that jerk driving the *Mustang* *blazes* past without using his *blinkers*!

    Retail value: fifteen *bucks*.”


  2. They didn’t know how to release Cindy’s grip from the hand pegs sticking out of the rocking horse’s head. She’d been riding for days, denying the necessities of life; food, water, PBS children’s TV. Her parents were at their wits end. So they strapped the horse with Cindy firmly attached to the top of the family Jimmy and drove to the nearest hospital. It took doctors hours to slowly release each finger from their playtime grip. Finally after a better part of the morning they were able to dismount her. She is resting comfortably.


  3. alright, alright, the bar isn’t causing that big of a headache

    hey, since we’re here, if I get these changed to titanium, would I be able to tell when storms were coming?

    this would look much worse if I wasn’t holding my head high


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