Think You Know Me?

My friend, Clancy, is attempting a 30 days 30 ideas type of blogging activity right now. Yay for her. I grabbed the list of all of the 30 ideas to blog about because I thought, yeah, that might have some good suggestions. So being the rebel that I am (ooooooo), I’m just going to pick and choose my favorites every several blog posts. Do enjoy. (And thanks, Clanc.)

Five things about me that no one really knows.

  1. I was terrified of an earthquake hitting in the middle of the night when I was in junior high. We learned all about them in depth in a geology class in 8th grade and I was absolutely frightened that it would happen while we were all sleeping. I don’t know why it didn’t scare me during the day. But it was so bad that I can remember one night when I was the babysitter for my younger siblings, they had all gone to bed and I was so scared that I went down to the basement and slept under the coffee table in the family room. I was also worried that my cat would get crushed by the ceiling falling in. I used to turn music on at night to help me fall asleep.
  2. When I was in elementary school, I would hide in the closet and read books. Sometimes, I just didn’t want my family to know where I was so I would use the door frame to climb up to the shelves above the hanging clothes and read. I must have brought my “itty bitty book light” with me so I could see the pages. I don’t remember ever being “caught” up there.
  3. I hated most of first grade. I don’t remember really making any friends in that class. I do remember, though, two experiences at recess. One, I went and found my friend, Nate, who I always played with since preschool. He and some other kid, Derrick, were playing pass with the football. Nate was in a different first grade class than me and Derrick was in his class. I asked if I could play pass, too. Nate looked at Derrick and Derrick immediately stuck out his tongue and said something smooth like, “ew, we don’t play with girls. Girls can’t throw footballs.” After that, Nate and I didn’t actually play much and he moved away at the end of the school year. So then another recess, I tried to go and jump rope with the girls in my class. They were doing double dutch and I asked if I could, too. They let me so I tried to jump in but I’d never done it before and caught both of the ropes. They got mad at me and told me I couldn’t play with them anymore. I don’t remember what I did at recess the rest of the school year. Second grade was much better.
  4. When I was in fourth grade, I would go back to visit my third grade teacher on Friday afternoons. I didn’t tell people about this because, first, who visits their teacher, and second, who visits Mrs. Gibbs? She was the mean teacher. But she wanted me to stop by and play a piano piece for her (no clue why her classroom had a piano in it) and she kept one of my art projects from the year before to display on her door for the holidays.
  5. When Nathan (my husband, not my preschool friend) kissed me for the first time, one of the thoughts in the back of my mind was how he was younger than me. I had a few guy friends that had made a big deal about how they would never date an older woman and I worried that this would eventually become an issue for Nathan, too. Today, I don’t look at him and think he’s much younger than me anymore. It’s probably because he can take better care of me than I can (except for the last few weeks because he’d been so sick and I tried to take care of him, but I just didn’t know for sure what to do… feeling helpless is no bueno).

And now you know.


  1. Who did you have for 1st grade? I’m all kinds of curious now.

    And you are right, Mrs Gibbs was the mean one. And consequently, the less visited one I’m sure. It probably made her happy that you’d visit.


    1. I had Mrs. Adams. It was the 1st-2nd grade combined class. I’m mostly sure that Ally Baldwin was in that class with me, but that’s currently all I can remember.


  2. I totally loved Mrs. Gibbs too, but I visited with her after school on a regular basis since my mom’s class was next door. I know everyone thought she was mean, but I never thought that. I don’t think you were in my first grade class. I don’t remember you in there. Which teacher did you have?


    1. I bet Mrs. Gibbs loved you. She loved the kids that were good with math. That’s my guess. The best was when I got really sick and she let me lie down behind her desk while I waited for my Grandma to come pick me up. She had all of these treats in the bottom drawer of her filing cabinet and said that I could have some.
      Mrs. Adams was my 1st grade teacher.


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