Thoughts On Herbs, Of Course

A few summers ago, I planted my first herbs in the pots on the front porch. I planted three kinds, but one died pretty quickly so I don’t remember what it was. The other two were parsley and cilantro. Turns out, I was still learning how to cook with fresh herbs and didn’t really have many dishes that might include cilantro so I let it die. (Sad, I know.)

The next year, I planted more. Sadly, the basil didn’t grow very well because of where I planted it, but the parsley grew again along with rosemary and chives. I didn’t know the best dishes to use those “new” herbs in, but I tried different things. Some turned out, others failed miserably (like rosemary lemonade, no thank you).

Last week, I read this article by Seth Godin about Herbs. It was interesting to me. He just wants to know why people don’t bother adding herbs to their dinners. Well, maybe they were like me and they’d never learned how to cook with fresh herbs. And they also didn’t realize the difference that it made. He briefly compares this with marketing, saying simply: “your marketing is missing herbs.”

I can think of other things in my life that might be or might have been missing herbs.

Before I got married, I luckily, didn’t know what herbs I was missing out on. I might have been sad that I was single for so long, but it was worth the wait for herbs like: somebody to warm me up at night; an arm around my shoulder at church; lots and lots and lots of books in our front room; and delicious dinners made with fresh herbs.

I can’t grow herbs on the front porch during the winter. They wouldn’t survive the cold. So I have to wait until probably April to plant again. I always feel that life has more herbs when the weather is better. Sure, snow is beautiful to me, but it just doesn’t compare to spring gardens, summer nights, or the smell of autumn. I’m really looking forward to spring this year.

Here’s my list from the weekend of “herbs”:

  • The sun came out
  • They called me to be a primary teacher in my ward, fun times
  • Dad brought over “magic medicine,” a.k.a. single-serving boxes of cereal
  • Nathan’s pneumonia finally started to improve
  • Nielsen’s frozen custard
  • Phoebe in Wonderland… weird
  • Pogi “helped” me make the bed
  • Watched “Celebrity Apprentice”… ha!
  • Blessing in disguise with Mom Elkins calling to check up on Nathan so I got to talk to her a bunch
  • Upstairs neighbors were out of town for part of the weekend = quiet
  • Daylight Savings

Wait a minute. I hate daylight savings. Boooooooooooo. That is a rotten herb. What “herbs” would you put on your list?


  1. One of my herbs in my list, Mrs. Elkins, is Spring! SWEEEET Let’s see, a list….

    1. Spring
    2. my new chicks ( I bought)
    3. No icebergs laying around my place(S.E.Idaho
    4. The cilantro I left to go to seed is showing up
    under the mulch I left over it (leaves that kept
    billowing in and ‘wanted’ to be there)
    5. Brayt’s hospital bills are finally payed off
    (from his heart attack in ’09)
    6. No more permafrost (it’s really the same as the
    icebergs but I’m just so grateful for the herb of
    7. Summer comes after spring
    8. I’ve been losing some unwanted weight! (Hip Hip
    HURRAY or maybe it’s AWAY)
    9. There’s been large amount of “Shedding” my stuff
    10.My chickens can come out & free range again!
    Thanks to the iceless, permafrost, iceberg free
    grass that is now showing!

    There! That felt good Mrs Elkins. Thanks for the idea! I love herbs even if I don’t use all the herbs I grow. I’m ready if I DO decide to use them 😉


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