Episode 75: The Love Marathon—It was Tainted

We don’t always know why we do things in IT.

We just do them.

And think about them later.

And later is when we realize that we are a special breed, all grouped together in one, big, geeky department, feeding each other’s social awkwardness.

We think we’re funny.

Yesterday, Gordon told me that I was grumpy. It was true. I was ready for the weekend. And I wasn’t appreciating back to back to back meetings spanning over any normal lunch hours. For those that know me best, I am not a fan of missing lunch.


I finally got a late lunch and my mood started to improve. But Gordon still felt it necessary, along with Debbie’s help, to really kick things up into party mode in our shared office.

We shut the door, inserted the CD, and started two hours of “Tainted Love.”

Are you surprised that one of the developers I work with has an entire CD of remakes* of that beloved 80s song? (By the way, turns out it was actually recorded originally in 1965, but didn’t achieve its blessed fame until Soft Cell’s remake in 1982. You’re probably most familiar with that later version.)

We listened to Marilyn Manson’s “Tainted Love.”

We listened to techno “Tainted Love.”

We listened to Spanish “Tainted Love.”

It was a beautiful afternoon.

We broke out into song with the different versions several times. Talk about team bonding.**

Tainted love, ooo, ooo, ooo, bom bom!

Don’t you wish you could have been there with us? For all two hours?

*According to all-knowing Wikipedia, can you guess how many recordings of the song there are? Come on, take a guess. 10? 26? 3? And the correct answer is… touch me baby, tainted love… 32.

**I’m certain it is experiences like these that actually do work… “Tainted Love” marathons, mandarin oranges thrown across boardroom tables, team weigh ins. If you can’t be quirky with your team, then you just haven’t bonded. Ah.

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