Looked Out The Window And… It’s Still Winter

The Elkins Fam* was taking a nap Sunday afternoon while DVR’d episodes of Mom playing for Music and the Spoken Word repeated on the TV. Seemed tranquil right? Curled up together on the couch with a soft blanket and Pogi would occasionally check on us, or on the blanket**.

Do you know what you dream about when things are all happy and tranquil like that?

Wearing shorts.

It wasn’t a deep sleep for me and when I woke up from that dream, realizing that winter wasn’t planning on going anywhere for a few more months, I was bummed. But it was warm inside, and extra warm on the couch, so I closed my eyes and drifted off again.

Does it ever feel like, to you, that each year winter takes a little bit longer to finally end? Last year, I had plans to actually go snowboarding for the first time ever in an attempt to enjoy winter more. Never happened. Turns out, you can’t do that for free. I’d rather spend money on soccer.

Also last year, Maren, Laura and I made up a song or rap, or something of the sort, about how cruel January can be. And it was on January 1st that we did this. Already complaining, it seems. But, these are the things we do to cope so that we continue on, mostly upbeat. Can’t let the cold and lack of sunshine get you down for long, no? So on a positive note, here are some of the blissful things I did this weekend:

  • Watched hours of Lonesome Dove at Maren’s in-laws’. We all ate dinner together while we watched and Nathan fell asleep on the couch next to me so he kept me warm. Eventually, we also ate ice cream, somebody burped, and there were jokes about poking. A very cultural evening.
  • Slept in on Saturday. Ah.
  • Took 4 boxes of kitchen dishes and 3 bags of clothes and old towels to the DI in our ongoing quest to organize our lives in our small condo.
  • Got in the line at Smith’s with one of the fastest checkers in the west. Nice.
  • Watched some 9th grade basketball where I briefly thought I was in some sort of a movie plot because one of the boys playing in the last couple of minutes of the game was autistic and all of the boys on the court handed him the ball to let him take a shot. He airballed. So the refs gave the ball back to him and had him shoot again. He made it and then went bounding down the court, fists pumping, everybody cheering regardless of their team.
  • Went to the Jazz game to watch the Thunder teach them how to play basketball. Nathan and I spent much of the game laughing at the old man behind us who was cheering, nasally, the entire game by repeating the same phrases over and over: “come on Jazz,” “please make it,” “just win already,” and “just shoot it.” He wore a fluorescent orange jacket. Dad took a brief nap next to us.
  • Sunday morning church and I didn’t fall asleep once. I think I might finally be adjusting to the morning church time.
  • Sunday afternoon nap. Ah.
  • I made cookies and Nathan made delicious appetizers which we took to Jarv and Jennie’s for Sunday dinner.
  • Dinner consisted of the Super Bowl, commercials, sitting outside on the cold sidewalk waiting for little Kate to look up and finally smile at me, eating too much good food, Tess sitting on my lap to open some of her presents, Bennett hugging Great Grumma, and eventually going home to a warm bed.

Not bad for a cold winter weekend, right?

*A.K.A. me and my hot hubby.

**Pogi “loves” that blanket. And by love, I mean that he prefers to show the blanket who’s boss while kneading it and purring.

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