Episode 73: Music at Work

My next door neighbor was complaining back when Pandora changed its website to limit the amount of free radio you could listen to. She was bummed because that was how she listened to music at work. I didn’t feel bad for her. I can’t even open Pandora’s webpage at work.  Those that rule our internet feel it very distracting to let us open that site. Letting music play while you work: definitely distracting.

No it’s not.

So some of the folks at work have uploaded a bunch of albums (you know the actual CDs you used to buy) to an old PC and hooked it up to the network to be shared. This gives me access to hundreds of artists, but the problem is: their taste in music couldn’t be more different than mine.

When I work from home, Pandora is going. It helps me focus. Turns out, music is strong stuff. It helps boost the levels of Larrie’s dopamine, the nifty little neurotransmitter that helps me focus. Can you open Pandora at work? I’m jealous. What are your stations? Here are mine, currently:

  1. Slayer (thanks to Dustin for adding that)
  2. Secrets (based on One Republic’s song)
  3. Braveheart (symphonic soundtracks, basically)
  4. Xavier Rudd Radio (Xavier and friends)
  5. G. Love & Special Sauce (heart it)
  6. Sergio Mendes Radio (a little culture)
  7. Let It Be (Beatles, of course)
  8. Madeleine Peyroux (yay Jazz)
  9. Frank Vignola (more jazz)
  10. O Holy Night (Merry Christamas)
  11. Savage Garden (sure why not)
  12. Muse (everyone knows them now, for good reason)
  13. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (for the “Mozart effect”)
  14. Mormon Tabernacle Choir (Sunday music)

I am not very original with naming my stations…

One thought on “Episode 73: Music at Work

  1. I’d like to know if you really are that big of a fan of Savage Garden. I can’t even imagine what kind of music would show up on that station. I have about 3 Christmas stations, U2, Radiohead, something akin to MoTab for Sunday songs too, and others that I can’t think of now. I make new ones about every time I listen, but I don’t listen to Pandora that often anymore. I do love the service though.


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