A List of Complaints

The weather forecasted slight snow today with accumulation in the mountains. That was so wrong. My car slipped on the roads driving in to work. And I have on-the-fly 4WD. If I were as accurate at my job as weather forecasters, I’d have to put Pogi to work to help our family pay the bills. Maybe he could be a guide cat.

I love snow. But now, I don’t love it so much. Simply because my husband’s car is no bueno in the snow. Does anybody want to gift us a car that is not rear-wheel drive so that I don’t have to be sad when it’s snowing and can instead do what I used to do: bundle up and go outside to catch snowflakes in my mouth? Yeah, that’s me, wanting to be a kid again in everything I do.

Except there are things that happen every day that force me to realize that I am living every day in an adult world. For one thing, I don’t complain like a kid. As a kid, it was complaining about homework, practicing the piano, and having to clean up Soby’s poops in the backyard. Nope, no childhood complaints for me. Just adult complaints. Those don’t usually include poop. Want to know what they are? How about a list:

  • I do not like coworkers who schedule meetings from 4:30 – 5:30. In fact, I probably despise them.
  • My cholesterol results came back high, which was a huge surprise for me and a big difference than last year. Because of this, I haven’t eaten a burger for a while now and that makes me sad.
  • My back hurts.
  • My eyes are a little dry.
  • I’m getting hungry and won’t eat until after the gym.

And that’s it. How difficult is my life? Oh you’re right, it’s not. And maybe tonight, after Nathan makes it safely home from work, I’ll go outside to make a snow angel just to celebrate.

One thought on “A List of Complaints

  1. nice thing about adulthood is it lasts a long time….long enough to get serious about needful things & yet, be able to get back to acting like a kid about whatever you can…so you do not loose the “‘vive’ life!” feeling you enoyed when responsibilities included poop


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