Sounds About Right

Have you heard of Plinky? It’s a website that has little prompts to help you come up with something to write. Well, I usually don’t think the questions are all that great, but there was a random question on it the other day: what is your favorite sound?

I can easily answer questions like, what’s your favorite color/movie/book/sibling? But has anybody ever asked you what your favorite sound is? I hadn’t thought about it before. I soon realized that I didn’t have one favorite, but a list, of which I’ll share a few. What about you?

  • My phone saying “Message from Nathan”,*
  • Mom playing the violin,
  • Nieces/nephews giggling from tickling,
  • Kate asking for “choc-it miiiiiilk!”,
  • Pogi purring,
  • And my alarm clock not going off on the weekends.

*Yeah, my phone speaks to me and tells me who the texts/calls are from, which makes it easy for me to know whether it’s worth it to get up from the couch if it’s on the kitchen table and somebody texts me during SportsCenter.


One comment

  1. When I ran groups I used to ask the kids in my group this question the first time we met. It always stumped them but then you always get a good response. Some of mine…
    pouring rain
    water boiling in the tea kettle
    crickets (but only when I am camping)
    cats purring
    Hobbes laughing
    The door shutting when Thane comes home from work


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