Episode 71: Ever Mouse It Up With Your Left Hand?

Some people are left handed. They apparently have to deal with issues surrounding this for the rest of their lives because they live in a world dominated by right handers. They’re the kids that smudge the pencil on their paper because their hand drags across the writing. They have to have special scissors. And apparently, they want to use the mouse with their left hands as well.

For the past couple of months, I just wanted to know what that felt like. So I put the mouse on the left side.

Actually, I did it because I constantly get a pinch on the right side of my back and thought it would help.

It didn’t.

I returned to the right-handed mousing world today.

It felt good.

Photoshopping was so much easier.

As was right-clicking. That just feels weird with the right hand.

I suppose that I could have changed the OS setting so that the “right-click” was a left-click and then my pointer finger would have done most of the clicking. Sounds like such an effort.

The entire reason of this post is simply to day: I’m a right-handed mouse user once again. Is there a club for that?

P.S. This is a cool movie. Totally unrelated to my mouse issues.


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