From the Adventures of Teqwita and the Snow Princess

One of my favorite roommates (we have the BEST stories from our freshman year, honestly) and I drove out to Kansas back in 2000 for our roommate, Ruth’s wedding. We took my sweet little blue Volvo and took turns driving from Salt Lake, through Denver and on to Kansas City for the celebration. For some reason, along the way, we decided to write down little quotes of remarks in our conversation. Taken out of context, they seemed so funny to us. What do you think? Ah, to be young again…

  • It’s a confused body of water.
  • I’m tight with the seat belt man.
  • Ten seconds of fun!
  • OH wait, that’s not a lake; that’s a blue building.
  • Watch out for eagles.
  • We’re going to hit a bird; hold on!
  • …Sparky was a good cat…
  • Fruita is Teqwita’s twin sister.
  • It’s a ferret. I see three trains. Maybe a lizard?
  • Here we are in COLORFUL Colorado!
  • Here come three wee’s!
  • On our left we have a pirate…
  • Mack. One mile.
  • I think the bug’s gone.
  • Keep off the meridian.
  • Gusty winds likely.
  • What does that look like? Um, a golf cart?
  • What were you doing walking on the buggy windshield?!
  • WIPE IT!!
  • Wheat thin artwork.
  • Powderhorn’s my Indian name.

One thought on “From the Adventures of Teqwita and the Snow Princess

  1. Favorite roommate, WHAT’S UP! (Ok, “one of,” still acceptable). I was just thinking of this road trip on my way through Kansas in October. And how I didn’t remember nearly as much as I wished I did. I had forgotten we wrote all these down.

    Also, I don’t remember half of these. Um, maybe more than half. But they are still funny.

    Also, remember when we got all those eggs? HA!


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