Episode 70: What’s Your Desktop Background?

Currently, my work desktop background is one of the pictures that I took on my London trip last April. It’s a pretty picture and I’ve stretched it across my two monitors using DisplayFusion (free software, hooray). Every 10 months or so, I change the picture. That’s just what you do, right?

Working in IT, we all have at least two monitors and people definitely notice what your desktop background is, whether it rotates often and whether you just duplicate it across monitors or you stretch it between them.

And when you get up to walk away from your computer around here, you always lock it, taking you to a screen that only shows your background and a little window noting that it’s locked.

That was a lengthy description to simply say: I spend all day noticing people’s desktop backgrounds.

It’s such a personal thing to notice. All. Day. Long.

And now to my story for the day:

Imagine Larrie standing in the office of several software testers, all of their monitors facing towards me because I’m in the middle of the room. The desk of one of them is currently empty because he’s outside somewhere. This means that he locked his computer and we’re all looking at his desktop background.

Everybody notices it.

Who really says anything about it, though?

But I looked over and saw something that I recognized:

“Hey, it’s Vabbinfaru Island!!”

The other testers in the room respond with something like, “No it’s not, it’s Mexico.”


They attempted to argue about how it’s a picture of Mexico because the guy whose monitor it’s on told them so… until I suggest that they look up images on Google of Vabbinfaru Island. Guess what showed up on the first page of results?

Yeah, that’s right.

The EXACT picture that was displaying as the desktop background.

Larrie wins.

Point for me.

Zero for software tester.

I went back to my office where my desktop background is my pretty picture of a house in a field in Oxford, which you won’t find in a Google image search because I took it all by my little self.* Go me.

One last note: I have no idea how I can identify a tiny island in the Maldives simply by a picture of it. I should learn things that are more applicable on a DAILY basis.

The end.

*Good sentence. Should have included a few more prepositional phrases.


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