Larrie’s Old Emails

Turns out, I don’t do a particularly splendid job of cleaning out my gmail inbox. So today, I decided to look back at some of the emails that are still sitting in my inbox. One thing I have managed, though, is to at least read things. Currently, there is one unread message and it’s junk anyway so it’s just awaiting its expected move to the trash. Let’s see what old emails tell about me.

From: Southwest Airlines
Subject: Ticketless Confirmation
A little Larrie insight: This is from my flight to Chicago with Maren and Mom. We went to visit Jarv’s family in awesome Warsaw, Indiana. Party time! Except for when poor Maren got sick after we had some Chinese. Poor little sister.

Subject: Thank you for your order
A little Larrie insight: These were tickets to see Ben Harper at USANA Ampitheatre. It’s probably the last time I went to a concert there because it’s too far away. The west side of the valley scares me. They have no decent east-west corridors and I hate traffic; especially traffic combined with Utah drivers.

From: Beth Hyatt
Subject: Fw: [25-30singlesassociation] Activity and class
A little Larrie insight: Beth forwarded this email about a Friday night activity that included dinner, dancing, karaoke, billiards, etc. It was a free activity and she was looking for somebody who could go with her because she’d “made goals to get out more and meet new people.” Also, we were both adjusting to being in this category of singles as we were 26. Today, Beth is happily married living in Arizona and I will be happily married in Utah as soon as we get Christmas over with~!

From: Beth Hyatt
Subject: RE: Fw: [25-30singlesassociation] Activity and class
A little Larrie insight: This was Beth replying to me telling her I couldn’t go because I had a blind date that night already. I have no idea who the blind date was with, but it didn’t seem like I was really excited to go as I told her “I’d much rather go to this activity” and “I guess I could try and be optimistic and hope that he’s very cool and good looking without strange habits or odd hobbies.” Well, if only I’d known that three and a half years later, I’d finally get THAT blind date…

From: Dad
Subject: Re: say goodbye to Mazatlan
A little Larrie insight: Dad wrote back and forth through emails with me while I was on a Mexican Riviera cruise. This email was the short travelogue of mine and Bella’s day in Mazatlan where we almost got stuck on a tiny island there when we missed our amphibious transportation back before the cruise ship left. But the best part of this is my Dad’s brief update on life back at home without me: “Home continues very quiet. Maren went to weight lifting early this morning and then she, James and I ate breakfast together. Your car is at the repair shop with all your instructions plus request to repair the roof seals. Ants continue to invade the home place… The cats say “Meoooooow.” Dad”

From: Monica Hubrich
Subject: Laughing all the way…
A little Larrie insight: Moni sent us this email shortly after one of our crepe parties, back when she visited from Cali, before she moved to London. And she shared with us what I must say is a fabulous quote: “Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can: all of them make me laugh.” W.H. Auden. Amen to that.

Some time shortly after that, I got sick of looking at old emails. So basically, I deleted a bunch of stuff out of the inbox folder, but it’s still filled with hundreds of emails.



  1. @kaakun – you don’t? do you just leave them in your inbox or actually put them in folders? I don’t delete emails at work…

    @moni – glad you came by to see your shout out… I loved that email, so true of how much fun it is to be around you babe!


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