Larrie’s Personal Mission Statement

For some reason, I could not come up with something good to write up for the ol’ blog today. Apparently, I am finding it difficult to be witty. Gasp. I know: hard to believe.

So I turned to a random book sitting on my desk: Daily Reflections for Highly Effective People.

Let’s see what Dr. Covey has to say for today: “Having seen the power of principle-centered organizing transform the lives of hundreds of people, I am persuaded it makes a difference—a quantum positive difference. And the more completely weekly goals are tied into a wider framework of correct principles and into a personal mission statement, the greater the increase in effectiveness will be.”

Yeah, I wasn’t inspired. At. All.

Instead, I had to read through the two sentences twice just to try and figure out what he was saying. Who writes like that? Can you imagine if he really talked like that? What would it be like having a conversation with him?

Me: Hey there, Dr. Covey, how was your weekend?

Covey: Having spent the less-structured weekend days listening to lessons on correct principles and personal aspirations of hope and love, I enjoyed my time spent working on improving my own spiritual goals to increase my testimony of faith-inducing messages.

Me: Um, you mean you watched General Conference?

Covey: Indeed.

So in regards to the daily effective reflection, do you have a personal mission statement? My laconic version: be happy, play soccer, work hard, love God, love your family, start your own.

I’m getting there.



  1. I ABSOLUTELY love your perspective here & the illustration you provided for a lovely conversation with someone who writes like that! LOLOLOL!! I sometimes have a similar struggle with the scriptures themselves, well, I USUALLY have a similar struggle. My mind keeps wondering, “Who writes like that?” 😐 That’s just me, I know, but man o man….. sometimes! Thanks for the good laugh Lauren! 😀


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