Mono Then… Mono Now

Somebody went and got herself sick from not getting enough sleep. The downside of having mono as an adult is that you can’t just stay home and have your best friend bring your homework to you. Instead, you still have to get up in the morning, try your best to clean up, and go to work. So here’s a fun little list to you about what mono was like then (when I first had it in 4th grade) and now (as an über mature adult).

Then: I was very sleepy and got tired quickly.
Now: I feel rather sleepy and get tired quickly.

Then: I earned money from babysitting my little brother in the afternoons (when I had more energy).
Now: I earn money from going to work all day (when I’m tired and not so tired).

Then: I had a really bad sore throat.
Now: I have a sore throat, but thankfully it hasn’t been so bad since the first week.

Then: While in the doctor’s office getting “diagnosed” I had a spinal tap and also threw up in my pants while sitting on the toilet.
Now: They took my blood at the health clinic at work then told me to check my email in a few days for the results.

Then: I spent the mornings in bed drawing pictures of things from the encyclopedia.
Now: I spend the mornings drawing pictures in meetings.

Then: I spent the afternoons (when I wasn’t babysitting), in the chestnut tree reading The Chronicles of Narnia.
Now: I spend the afternoons going through emails and then taking an afternoon break to nap in my car.

Then: I took some time off from playing sports and my friend Travis wrote me a “get well card” because I was missed on our Mrs. Floyd’s softball team (the 4th grade classes played each other).
Now: I took time off from subbing for friends’ soccer teams but I already paid for my soccer leagues so I don’t want to miss; I have taken time off from the gym though.

Then: I never quite felt like I recovered from mono, but maybe I just blamed that for not being a morning person.
Now: I’ll let you know when I’ve recovered… maybe. I might forget though. You’re just my blog, I guess, so it may or may not slip my mind. I’ll try to remember. I can’t make any promises. I don’t remember things sometimes lately. I blame mono.

6 thoughts on “Mono Then… Mono Now

  1. Wowee! The throw up in your pants episode sounds like the worst part of all of this, except that it was over relatively quickly eh!? Blech!

    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well by the way! Go get some herbalist to help you out ( I believe in acupuncture too!)


  2. Crappy dappy doo.

    Mono, huh? That sucks some big rocks. My friend had mono his first year of law school. It’s never a good time to have mono, but that was extra-bad for him. 😦 Get better, beautiful!


  3. @sabrina – ah yes, sweet, sweet 4th grade memories

    @jarv – sure, dr jarv, sure whatever

    @genene – throwing up in my pants did suck but by far the worst was the spinal tap, imagine that

    @clancy – that would suck for your friend… I have a pretty understanding boss, thankfully… and understanding bf

    @karen – ha, no kissing, so funny kow


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