In Love With Fall

I know. It’s not Fall yet. We’re still hanging on to the summer warmth, which I notice when I climb into my car at the end of a work day and can’t put my arm down to rest on the middle console because the black material (it’s not leather, it’s not fabric, I don’t know what synthetic makeup it is) will melt the skin off of my forearms. Ouch.

But in the mornings, it’s cold. And when I climb into my car to drive to work, I turn on the heater.

Heater in the morning; A/C in the evenings.

The cool evenings are hinting at something I LOVE: Autumn.

And I’m in an amazing mood.

There are so many reasons, but let’s simply focus on the anticipation of autumn.

When I was a kid, I never understood quite why I loved autumn so much. I mean, I could easily list off the things that made it such a delicious season, but then there was that one big thing that also came at the same time of year: school started. And so as I kid, I was confused with MYSELF that I was so excited for the season and yet so dreaded the new school year.

I never counted down with excitement for the first day of school. School meant there was less time for running around outside, reading novels in the tree, and having to go to bed earlier. Going to bed: the worst.

And yet, I still loved the autumn. The smell; the leaves changing; my birthday; Halloween; wearing hoodies again.


This is just to say to you, blog, that I’m excited about autumn.

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