Larrie’s Favorite Things

More journaling fun from an 8-year-old Larrie. This was a fill-in-the-blanks page. How would you have answered when you were 8? I wonder how many of my answers have even changed at all.


My favorite subject in school is Art.

My favorite outfit is ___.

The name of my favorite movie star is Aarnold Schwartneger.

My favorite television show is Cosby Show.

My favorite color is Blue.

My favorite thing about being 8 years old is being Baptized into the church.

My favorite way to spend time is reading.

My favorite song is Families Can Be Together Forever.

My favorite book is The Long Secret.

My favorite food is Chicken Divan.

My favorite time of the year is October.

My favorite time of the day is afternoon.

My favorite possession is soccer.

My favorite animal is liger.


2 thoughts on “Larrie’s Favorite Things

  1. You have an 8-year old? Where have I been? Any your favorite animal was a Liger before Napoleon Dynamite brought it into mainstream?

    At least nothing’s changed on your list…like Arnold as your favorite movie star. Was that after Kindergarten Cop? Must’ve been.


  2. I thought soccer possessed ya’all (Silly children-o-mine), not the other way around!!
    & no favorite outfit? whats that about? soccer shorts were all you wore……..


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