Little Sister and Her Big Change

It’s Monday; such a contemptible day. It’s the farthest away I can possibly be from the weekend. Also, with the current job, it’s the day with the most meetings. That in and of itself is just cruel.

Also, I’m not feeling particularly divine today. A malicious tension headache hit me sometime during the night, one that I felt coming on Sunday and couldn’t do anything to stop. So I took some Excedrin this morning. With a granola bar. But it just wasn’t enough and now I feel all shaky from the caffeine in it.*

Despite my complaining, I’m in a good mood.

I had a fabulous weekend.

But my little sister’s weekend was even better.

She now has a weighty rock on her left hand.

And this boy, Dustin, is crazy enough to choose to join the Campbell family in the near future.

Or I suppose she wants to join HIS family.

Lucky Dustin.

Lucky Maren.

And here I am all happy for them.

They came over late Saturday night after he put the ring on her finger. She had to come and show her sister, right? Of course. They visited his parents, her parents and then me. We’re two sisters growing up surrounded by five brothers so it’s to be expected.

Congratulations to them; thanks for the visit with me and my cute company Saturday night and I used it as an excuse to have a little fun with the color of my hair in preparation for the wedding.

*It’s now the afternoon and I feel much better after eating lunch followed by chocolate that Kasey brought me back from Europe!!!

2 thoughts on “Little Sister and Her Big Change

  1. Hmmm….miso so so happy:) Would we call that ring “weighty”?! Ha ha ha ha…my finger is getting buff. Love you. Of course we were coming to see you lil miss. HELLLLOOOO!


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