Top 10 Reasons I Loved 2010 Family Vacation*

  1. No sunburn. I have accepted the fact that I am white. Every time I fill out the Census (which I’ve done a whopping TWO times), I check Caucasian. White. When I spend many hours in the sun, there is a chance for sunburn. Last week, I spent many hours in the sun. I did not burn at all. Not even my nose. I sort of put sunscreen on. Sort of was good enough. High five.
  2. Wildlife. I held a wild bunny. There were baby robins in a nest above the porch at the cabin. Every night driving from the cabin to the condo, we passed deer and raccoons and foxes and squirrels. Some family members even saw an owl sitting in the middle of the highway. Wildlife is cool!
  3. Jarv weighs more than I do. And when we’re both riding on the “chariot” being pulled behind the boat, then hit a wake and jump into the air, then come down sideways, the next thing you know, you’re cartwheeling across the water, which is rather impressive for me. You should see me try and cartwheel on the ground. You might laugh.
  4. Swimming! I wore lots of different swimsuits this week. It’s more fun. And with the pool right there at the condo, and the boat just waiting for us in the slip at the dock at Jordanelle, there were plenty of opportunities to go swimming. The best.
  5. Warming the water. Everybody knows that when you have to pee when boating, you just jump in. Apparently, though, not every one of my nephews really liked that idea. So while some of us “warmed the water,” Owen and Bennett just held it. That meant they were peeing off of the dock at the very end. Annie took a picture. Best picture of the trip.
  6. Pedicures. It just feels good to have somebody pamper your feet and legs. Ahhhhhhhhhh.
  7. Not sleeping. That’s a typical vacation occurrence. But this year, with the little kids staying up at the cabin, I actually slept in some. That was quite nice. On the down side, adjusting back to the “real life” schedule this week will not be particularly pleasant. Sigh.
  8. Silly bandz. They’re the new cool thing, don’t you know? I really like that I have a giraffe and an emu silly band. Way cooler than my Mickey Mouse band. Thanks G for bringing these and sharing them with all of the kids—and with me!
  9. Taking lots of pictures. Because that’s the most fun thing to do when you get BACK from vacation: look at your pictures. Or post them on facebook. Especially the ones that show people’s bowling skills. Good. Looking.
  10. Kids. It’s just like Grumma said to my dad once. My nieces and nephews are too good looking. But they’re also a whole heck of a lot of fun, even when they’re getting fussy and arch their backs like crazy when I try to pick them up. That just means I have to pick them up by their ankles and say something goofy like “tick tock, you’re a clock.”

*Or first 10 reasons I could think of.


  1. That is correct. I am heavier than you. And to clarify, Bennett peed both IN the lake and off the dock. Slip #23 never knew what was coming.

    I never knew there were so many good bowlers in our family. I scored the lowest of the brothers, but I’m not sure if I should be sad or happy about that. Bottom line, I do own a ball. Oops.

    Nice list. Fun vacation. Way to go.
    – Fat Jarv


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