Watch Out For Trains On the Way Home From Work

Enter the caption contest now! It’s so exciting isn’t it? If you need the rules for this supposed-to-be-weekly contest, click here: Caption Contest Rules Shmules.

Last Contest’s Winner: Me. Nobody liked my sock drawer, apparently, so I posted my own caption. Congratulations, Larrie. Why thank you very much. One day, I knew I could do it. I knew you could, too. Go me!


4 thoughts on “Watch Out For Trains On the Way Home From Work

  1. A miscalculation on Doc Brown’s part caused his time traveling train to appear mid-intersection during rush hour. His excuse: Clara, Jules and Vern kept asking, “Are we there yet?” He couldn’t take it anymore so he had to pull the train over leaving the sinuous bands of time for asphalt.


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