Ode to Clark

Yesterday, I celebrated Father’s Day with my family. We combined it with a birthday party for my niece as well and nobody minded sharing the celebration. That meant more presents to open and birthday cake for all of the fathers.

I have a Dad who on paper is pretty amazing. You can easily Google him and find out that he’s a pretty big name in project management because of his One-Page Project Manager book series and training and because of his years of experience managing multi-million dollar projects for the O.C. Tanner company. Having your name show up in a Google search as a best-selling author is pretty amazing.

But I’m sure you can agree with me that there are other characteristics that make him a great Dad. How about we list just a few?

He was my soccer coach when I was a kid.

He cheered so loudly at track meets, I could hear him shouting “Gooooooo Lauren” the entire 400 meters.

He dropped me off and picked me up from the fields where I was a soccer referee from 5th grade until I was old enough to drive.

He came to many of my basketball games in high school; even the ones where it was snowing like crazy and we were playing an hour away in Tooele. Anyone who supports girls basketball deserves an award.

He called me bird bones (mean) and house mouse (cute).

He popped my elbow back into place when I dislocated it and then took me to the emergency room (do not try at home).

He loves story problems (as in math story problems, which I also grew to love in a totally geeky way).

He’s excessively “punny”.

He and my brother taught me to waterski and wakeboard.

He would read “The Duel” to me and my sister many nights before we went to bed so we dreamt about gingham dogs and calico cats eating each other up.

He almost always sat on the stand in church so it was a treat when we did actually get to sit by him.

One of the times I was asked to speak in another ward (for a stake calling), the high councilor who was supposed to speak with me was stuck in a canyon with boy scouts so he filled in as the other speaker.

He answers all of my questions I constantly have about handling different personalities, project deadlines, communication and other workplace shtuff.

He helps me in my home with dripping toilets and hanging up pictures, etc.

He edited the article I wrote.

He helps me with my car purchases.

And he came back for me in Boise. 🙂

That was a mightily abridged version of the list, but you get the idea. Thanks Dad!


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