World Cup Begins; Americans at Work

World Cup started today. If you didn’t know, I’m disappointed in you.

I really need a new phone.

Know why?

Because my current phone isn’t “smart” at all. I can’t get on the internet, I don’t have apps installed, I can’t watch the games from my phone.

I can’t watch them online, either. At least not while I’m working. Sports and streaming media are blocked at work. This is a good thing, really, because if I could access it all, I’d end up having zero productivity during certain games and would, therefore, have to make up that time. So my way of coping instead: recording the games and watching them after work.

So if I don’t want to play with you in the evenings for the next month, don’t take it personally.

And if I’m a little distracted at work, I’m sad that this nation hasn’t figured out that it would be okay to give everyone a vacation for a month once every four years. Or can’t we at least give that kind of vacation to the soccer lovers? Wishful thinking, I know.

Who are you cheering for to win the entire thing? And who do you want to win tomorrow’s game, England versus USA?


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