Episode 66: Are you having a “Quail Week”?

You’ve seen quail, right?

When you see quail, what do you notice?

Do you notice that they seem like old British women, when walking around: their heads held high with their feather sticking straight up and then their pear shaped bodies wobbling around as they shuffle along the sidewalk? I’d like to put a scarf around that quail and give it a handbag to hold.

And have you seen quail fly?

They can.

Although they can’t fly for long distances. It’s probably because of their big hips. Must be hard to fly those around for long.

I saw a quail as I was driving during my lunch hour last week. It was crossing Sunnyside Avenue. I have to admit that I thought I was about to watch that bird get squished as it attempted to race in front of cars. It was doing what quail do all the time: sticking its head way out in front of it and running like crazy. “Hurry, hurry, I can make it, I can get there, oh there’s the other side of the street, faster, faster, CRAP there’s a car on top of me!”

And just as I was sure I would witness the demise of that quail, it finally decided: “Oh yeah, I’ll do what birds do: I’ll fly.”

And it flew to the curb.

Last week, I was that quail. Metaphorically speaking of course as I did NOT just avoid becoming road kill. But it felt like with everything I did, I was just sticking my head out and running like hell instead of taking the easy route and flying across the street.

Keeping things simple would have been much easier. Silly me.

Next week, I’m hoping for an Albatross week. Do you know what those birds do when they fly? They don’t have to flap their wings when they soar across the ocean because their wing bones lock into place. They can also sleep while flying. Their glide efficiency is 20 feet forward for every one foot down.

If you see me sleeping and flying through meetings, you’ll know… it’s an Albatross week!

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