The Great Choir Debate. Seriously.

Anybody ever see the show, Last Choir Standing? Probably not, unless you live in England as it’s a show on the BBC.

In my opinion, it’s not a show that would last long on American TV because it doesn’t have the important ingredients WE require for a reality TV show:

  • Roses
  • Excessive alcohol
  • Skimpy outfits
  • “Unscripted” drama that is scripted
  • Tear-jerker stories
  • Or voting people off of the island.

One thing it might have in common, but I haven’t seen the show to know for sure: snarky British judges.

Why am I asking you about this random show?

Because of a VERY important question they asked as part of their “GREAT CHOIR DEBATE.”*

“What should a choir wear?”

Here are some of the superb answers from the great debate:

“I’m not in for all this formal stuff – particularly if you’re singing quite poppy songs.”
“In the name of being entertained it’s just an element of the overall package.”
“You can’t just be a big gimmick.”
“I think a good clean marine colour is a wonderfully, fresh and natural colour is nice.”
“no not if the singing is better than the look of the choir as I’ve done les miserables in my school and everyone persent was over wilmed by the sound and not the clothes!!!!”

What I learned from these answers: I don’t sing enough poppy songs; I should start more of my sentences with “in the name of being entertained…”; nobody likes a big gimmick; I don’t own enough marine colour; and if you can’t spell the easy words, don’t finish your sentence with excessive exclamation points—it’s like you’re shouting your bad spelling at me.


Yesterday was Mother’s day. I supported my Mom by going to hear her play for the Orchestra at Temple Square for the Music and the Spoken Word broadcast.

Can somebody tell me who picks the dresses for the women in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir? I wouldn’t want to own this or this or this or this, let alone wear it. Would you? Maybe you’d prefer this.

Loved hearing my Mom play, though, and as always, the music was beautiful.

*I am NOT making that up. They really called it the GREAT choir debate. All my life I had no idea that this show would be able to answer all of my questions. So glad I finally found it.

One comment

  1. I totally LOVE the MoTab outfits!!!! You mean you don’t own one of each just so you can “fit in”? JK of course….. I was just laughing so hard at your wit!! and yes…. I use too many exclamation points and periods to let my thoughts ramble on but I still laughed out loud and your comment abt them Ha haaaaa…..
    (sorry you haven’t heard from me more…. I’ve had some serious internet challenges….. one of them is my patience for reading all the stuff I have available to read much less the slow, country type internet I have available. It’s maddening in this day & age of instant everything. I have blazing fast connections at work ad then come home to this…. well, what I have. lol…sorry for all the rambling! Until next time my clever friend!


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