Episode 66: Happy Five Years to Me

About a week after my five-year employment anniversary date (April 11th), I received an envelope in my box from interoffice mail. It came from HR. It was an invitation to a Service Luncheon: “You are cordially invited to attend a Service Award Luncheon in your honor. Please join [the CEO] and your service colleagues for the celebration… If you have special dietary needs, please specify when you RSVP.”

I briefly wondered if I could specify a “filet mignon only” dietary need and then sent the simple RSVP: I’ll be there.

I was, of course, happy to take a break from work to eat some free lunch although I must admit, the fact that it was catered by the same company that runs our onsite cafeteria, kept me from getting my hopes too high for the deliciousness expectations.

I was surprised.

The food was bounteous. And not too bad. It was a spread of Mexican dishes to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

I put three desserts on my plate and even grabbed a Diet Dr. Pepper. Wow. I had caffeine. (People could tell that afternoon.)

I sat down next to Kiki, who started the same day as I did and had since been promoted to a better paid software tester in the same group he started in. I, on the other hand, couldn’t seem to stick around in one place for long. The Vice President that sat next to me and the General Manager across from me asked me how many positions I’d had in the last five years. I simply answered, “Five.”

Five years at one company seems like forever to me. It’s one of the longest relationships I’ve been in (although I did have a very happy relationship for ten years with my old Volvo).

Five years, five job titles:

  1. IT Secretary (about 11 months)
  2. IT Clinical Systems Specialist I (about 15 months)
  3. IT Clinical Systems Specialist II (about 4 months)
  4. IT Software QA Analyst I (2 years, 3 months)
  5. IT Business Systems Analyst I (Since January)

Did you notice a pattern? All those IT jobs… THAT’S what you can expect with an English degree.

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