What Happens When You Journal On Ambien

This post is meant for the entire internet, of course, but it’s particularly “special” for Clancy.

Here, my friends, is what one of my journal entries look like on a good day, followed by a journal entry written on Ambien.

Non-medicated Journal Entry:

Under the Influence of Ambien Journal Entry:

What have YOU done on Ambien?



  1. hmmm, I yearn for some Ambien like substance… The few times I’ve had it I actually SLEPT! Bliss! Journaling would have been a miracle since I don’t do it when I’m NOT on Ambien…. hee hee…. yours looked pretty awesome!! (or whoever’s)


  2. OK, I realize, (just read my other comment) that I’ve already commented on this post but it’s freakin hilarious!!! I’m sitting here lol’ing all by myself!!! I didn’t know I’d already commented but it’s so funny it deserves another comment anyway!!!


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