Home from Merry Ol’ England

Far too much happened last week for me to write all about it. I went to England (London, Oxford, Isle of Wight, Bath, Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Greenwich, Crystal Palace, etc). I fancied the entire trip. You should be jealous.

I flew home all day on Sunday, Megs’ birthday. How would you like to be on planes and in airports for at least 16 hours on your birthday? Fun times for her!

So does anybody want to take a guess what I did when I finally returned home Sunday night? Maren picked us up from the airport around 8pm so that means I had about 3 hours until bed time. Well, here’s what I did:

  1. Ate the scrambled eggs Maren made for me at my parents’.
  2. Sat in the hot tub with Maren and Dustin.
  3. Drove over my cell phone.*
  4. Went to bed.

Welcome home to me!

*My cell phone survived with only some minor cosmetic damage, thanks to my invisible shield. However, after I found where it had landed in the road, it wouldn’t turn on for the first few minutes, but once I’d pulled out the battery and put it back in, the ol’ phone turned on again. Phew.


  1. WEE-ow!! where is Mr Darcy in the shot?
    The best Brit-pix-by-an-American is my call on yoru/Meg’s photo!
    Double whew on the cell guffaw.


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