Procrastination: It’s a TALENT!

I am a talented person.

I tell myself all the time.

It’s part of my positive self talk. Once, I put phrases on the bathroom mirror in college that said things like “Hot home cooking, I am so good looking!” If you say it enough, you’ll believe it, warts and all.

Other examples of positive self talk in my life:

  1. Good job getting out of bed this morning, Lare. Pat on the back.
  2. Ooo, you lifted 20 lbs. You are getting strong!
  3. Mmm, this dinner is amazing. You should cook more often!

What do you congratulate yourself on?

Right now, I want to congratulate myself on being such a great procrastinator. I will be going to London for a vacation and I plan on packing sometime the night before. Hope I remember at least the essentials like clean underwear, deodorant and a toothbrush.

Another aspect of being a procrastinator is that when I start a project that is a bit overwhelming, I usually find a smaller, more manageable project to distract me. So I have these grand ideas to create a blog book using Adobe InDesign. Last week, I put together the template, started working on the cover design, opened up Photoshop to work on that and SOMEHOW, I ended up working on a video project using Movie Maker. Totally different project; totally different application. Follow THAT train of thought.

I had a fun time making the video though.

Eventually, after I’ve packed for vacation, after I’ve gone on vacation, after I’ve returned, after I’ve caught back up at work again, I think I’ll work on finishing the design for the cover for my little book I’m making for myself.

What should I call it?

Currently, I’m going with The Sciolist.

So clever.

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