Heard ‘Round the Water Cooler

I was going through my notepads that I take with me to meetings at work, checking to see if I could tear off pages and throw them away and realized that I do two things to stay awake in meetings: draw pictures and write down quotes that people say. Here is a collection of those quotes (some, I wrote down who said them, some I forgot):

If you weren’t my boss, I’d flip you off.

The world belongs to you; it’s your world. I’m just renting. ~Freddy

We already know that by step 312, the house of cards will be down and burning. ~EH

We’re going to buy him cocaine.

Next day, you’re going to have to be here oh-dark-thirty. ~EH

Are you really missing it if you’re here partying anyway? ~AK (referring to working at midnight on New Year’s Eve)

If you’re not worried, you don’t get it.

Open your presents; get your ass in here. ~EH (Merry Christmas)

What if there’s a snowstorm and you live in Bountiful or Layton or where the elephants go to die like Fred? ~EH

I get to do all the estimates and you just have to make it work. ~Bob

You have a thought; I can feel it. ~EH to SD

I’m not texting my dogs. Do you see me texting my dogs? ~EH
Well… it’s my wife. ~Hoss


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