Larrie’s Random Thought Patterns

I wrote this my junior year at BYU. I was finally getting off of academic probation, but I still hadn’t figured out how to keep a normal sleep schedule. That still hasn’t happened, but I’m more functional during “regular store hours” now than I ever was in college. Good thing, or else I’d lose my job. I still have some crazy, dreams, though. Some things you can depend on.


I read over much of my journal tonight and it paints me a picture of a lot of mush with a few, small gems if you search for them. I wonder what other people’s journals read like. Mine, obviously follows the randomness of my thought patterns. If someone were to read my journals, they would get an inside look of my own thoughts—they would be thoroughly confused, or else lost down a road my mind once wandered.

I should sleep—slip away into dreamland where anything can happen and everything does. The other night, I was building giant castles to serve as fortresses. Tonight? We’ll see…


3 thoughts on “Larrie’s Random Thought Patterns

  1. hmmhhmmmm. This was probably a week into my “hang out at arcadia 1 and harass, I mean hang out with the tenants” phase. I think some of those hang outs had to have been documented.


    1. oh crap, now I have to pretend I have a journal entry about kaakun… I mean, I DO have one… just a minute here…


  2. What? You didn’t document any of awesome hang outs of 03?!?

    With the… and well the…

    The ice skating! The last minute date we went on bc kara’s mass group set up was minus one girl. The wendys run. The living in your front room from 6pm-12am, the window decorating and… the the the…. hm.


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