Things to do when you can’t sleep

  • make a list on your blog (what? you don’t have a blog? get with the times…)
  • pick up all of the quarters that have been laying on the carpet for a week
  • take a quiz on the grammar rules for lay and lie; get 100%
  • read a library book (currently: A Live Coal in the Sea)
  • catch up on your friends’ blogs
  • listen to the train whistling somewhere on the west side
  • think about how you never heard the train whistling at your parents cuz they were total east siders
  • go for a walk
  • buy pepper spray at the 7-11 on your walk
  • run home
  • rollerblade around the kitchen
  • check work emails
  • resist the temptation to reply to work emails
  • look up new gym workouts
  • read on websites things not to do before bed – on their list: use the computer
  • use the computer
  • pet the cat
  • stare at the clock
  • stretch – one day, I will touch my toes, one day
  • pull out the keyboard, put the headphones on, play something by mozart
  • read a different book you’re currently reading (Out of Africa, Les Miserables, Children Playing Before a Statue of Hercules, Nine Weeks, Book of Mormon)
  • talk to roommate
  • turn off the light, close your eyes and start counting backwards from 500

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